Thank you for your Purchase

K.G 971

Your payment have been received. You will get your product or service within 48h to the PayPal email address you bought the tool with. Which means I have 48h to get in contact with you to send the product to you.

You can read another time Here the General Terms of Sale and Terms of Use you abided to before buying my product.
In buying one of my products, you signified your understanding and agreement to these terms.

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You want to modify unique contents in WWE games ? SvR series ? Dragonball games ? Naruto games ? Resident Evil games ? UFC ? Prototype 2 ? for 360, PS3, PC & PS4 and much more ?
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▶ What to do if you don’t receive the tool after 48h

Before taking any measures:
If you didn’t receive the tool after 48h, then send me an email to the paypal address you paid to, using the paypal address you paid with.

Reasons why you may not have received the product:
– I am not in a place where I can send it to you
– I have internet issues
– I can’t send it to you because I get an error when sending an email to you. In which case, I will let you know by editing the “transaction status” on paypal website.

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58 thoughts on “Thank you for your Purchase

  1. Very excited to use the tool! Sent payment about 24 hours ago. I know it can take 48 hours to receive the editor. Just wanted to make sure you received my payment? Thanks!


  2. hi kg
    I purchased dragonball xenoverse 2 an editing service
    if you kindly explain to me then how to fill out the form to put the mod of the colosseum of heroes
    thank you


  3. to have the mods of the colosseum of the heroes which I have to fill out?
    but can I choose more than one mod?
    in the mod of the colosseum and including level to 255 etc etc?


  4. I’ve done business with you in the past I was very satisfied i know it takes 48h if it takes longer i understand due to it being the holidays


  5. So I just bought this and I’m very happy but can I go online and play with friends or quests with this without getting banned?


  6. I bought the trainer now and it will be the 2nd time i bought it in a year. I just lost my old email address to get it downloaded from last time for WWE 2K19 and after reinstalling windows 10 i couldn’t use that trainer because of my old email lost but thanks for the hard work you really made my YouTube universe mode so much better and enjoyable until wwe 2k20 comes out and i will 100% buy the trainer for that off you to as well so keep up the good work its all quality and its why i buy! 😀


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