Legal Disclaimer

Copyrighted Content (DMCA)
I do not reverse-engineer any game companies applications (exe, xex, elf) to create my editors/trainers.

Images, logos, names, music, and video game footages, used in my applications or on the website/YouTube channel are used to describe the features of the applications I create, and/or used as description of the game it concerns, for aesthetic reasons only. I do not own them and thus they are property of their legal and respective owners.

I am in no way whatsoever affiliated with any game companies, developers, or publishers. Thus, if you are the legal owner/representative of the images, logos, names, music and/or video game footages, and you request your copyrighted content to be removed from the website and/or removed from the applications, please contact me so I can remove it at: Judith.Caroline.Torres[at]

I am the owner of this website, the developer of the applications available, and the creator of the YouTube videos.

This Website ( and the YouTube channel (KG971) do not host or link to any pirated or illegal content.

Save Wizard For PS4/PS4 MAX Disclaimer

I did not reverse-engineer this software. My editors do not connect to it and do not connect to its server or make use of any API or external command. I do not edit its memory either. No software source code was exploited, no servers and no connections were monitored.

Is it safe? Is it Legal?

It is legal, and absolutely NOT against the law to sell software whose purpose is to edit a video game saves or “live memory” for offline and personal use.
A save editor/trainer is a product, just like other major companies products such as Codejunkies ARMAX, GameGenie save editor, Xploder or Codebreaker.
You can check this article (at some points it talks about how GameGenie won a law suit against Nintendo)

All of my save editors/trainers are meant to be used offline, and I restrict as far as I can the use of my applications for bad behaviours.
Example: I don’t allow some dangerous mods like online ranking editing etc… Although I could obviously allow it.

” I make the game better, I don’t ruin it ”

As for the user of the product, you have no risk of using the editors. As long as you don’t use the cheats & mods online, you won’t be banned from PSN or XBOX LIVE. XBOX LIVE and PSN policies are strict. If you ever go online with something that gives you an advantage over the other players, if you cheat, if you use mods, there is a risk for you to be reported by other players or a risk for your to be caught, thus banned.
I do not implement any malware, spyware, or any other virus in my applications.
You can use my applications safely. If your antivirus ever reacts to it, its a false positive, mainly because of the tool’s security.

Please read Here the General Terms of Sale and Terms of Use you need to abide to before buying one of my products.
In buying one of my products, you signify your understanding and agreement to these terms.

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