How To ?

How to get the save editors ? Is it legal ?

First of all, most of my editors are not freeware, they are softwares, which means you have to buy them, just like you would buy any other products online.
It is perfectly legal for you to mod your save/edit the “live memory” of a game, and for me to sell a way to do it. OFFLINE. For more info, please read the Legal Disclaimer.

Here is how to buy my products.
I only accept PayPal. It’s easy to use, and safe for both buyer (you) and seller (me). PayPal also accepts debit/credit cards so you can pay directly.
If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you can create one here:‎

I would like to state that all the editors I sell are made by me. Also I reserve the right to refuse to sell my products to someone if I decide to.
In which case the buyer will be refunded immediately.

You can just visit this page: Here the General Terms of Sale and Terms of Use. This page contains the live version of the pdf file, with all the PayPal links for the editors and services available to purchase.
Or, you can either go to one of my videos, and in the description, you will find the link to this online folder which contains the T.O.S (Terms of Sale & Terms of Use) for all the editors I sell. Once you have read the file, the PayPal links to all my editor will be at the end.
Here is the folder:
All files are PDF files (text files). It’s virus free.
What you need to do is download the T.O.S file or read it online (this is a contract, rules you need to abide to). The PayPal link you use to pay is at the end of the text file with a list of all my editors.

You have to open the PayPal link, and there you pay the price specified.
You will then receive the tool you paid for within 48h after payment.

You have two options to select from: Monthly Subscription (Subscribe button) or One Time flat fee (Buy Now button).
Small Sub Now Button – Means that you will pay around 5 EUR a month to access the editor of your choice. Keep in mind you can cancel your subscription at any time. You can also select the special deal to have access to ALL of the editors for 13 EUR a month).
Small Sub Now Button – Means that you will pay a one time flat fee to access the editor of your choice for an indefinite amount of time. You can also select the special deal to have access to ALL of the editors also for a one time flat fee .

If you have any questions, feel free to use the “contact me” form below this post.

Best regards,



39 thoughts on “How To ?

  1. Excuse me i just watched a video of yours i mod on pc, and i wanted to know how you was even aligble to find the id number for the time breaker mask. Can you please give me some insight on how you find this please I’m begging you


  2. Can u show me another video, besides the one on your website, to show me how to download naruto storm 4 vip mod exclusive characters because I keep messing it up


  3. Hello so is there a way I can contact you easier so I can ask if you can do certain things and how much it would cost


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