General Terms of Sale & Terms of Use

In buying one of my product/service, you signify your understanding and agreement to the Terms of sale and Terms of use below (page 2).

Click “I have read and I agree” below to acknowledge that you have read the Terms of sale and Terms of use and that you agree to these terms, then you can go to the shop page:

I have read and I agree
to these Terms of sale and Terms of use, thus I will abide to these terms, go to the shop”


34 thoughts on “General Terms of Sale & Terms of Use

  1. Hi mate, so I’ve got the email you sent me… But there’s no attachment? I’m sorry I’m having a hard time understanding how i actually get the software from this email you’ve sent me.

    Would really appreciate your help, thanks 🙂


  2. Hey I have a few questions before I buy your service. (Xenoverse 2, ps4)

    1. Are the Super and ultimate moves “soaring fist” “surging spirit” and “godly display” available? They’re not listed)

    2. What’s the difference between potential unleashed 01 and 02?

    3. Are the awoken skills “pure progress” and “SSj God kaioken” working properly?

    4. I don’t understand the variations of super Saiyan (v02, v03 Bardock, trunks, xenoverse 1 versions) do they do anything different? Do I get bardocks look or something?

    Sorry for all the questions but I do need to know what I’m buying. Thanks.


    • 1. Soaring fist is not part of the regular editing service. Godly display and Surging spirit are bugged and useless.
      2. Just one is used by gohan, the other one by a CaC.
      3. No, its just the animation is different.


    • No problem. Save Wizard is a great tool. Your decrypting process is perfect. I still recommend to buy it for PS4.
      If you want to contact me, you can directly here: judith.caroline.torres (at)


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