Attention to NxB Shinobi Striker’s Gamers, Youtubers & Community

I didn’t cause the NxB Shinobi Striker servers to be down. The servers are down because of a data issue they had on their server and that they are trying to fix.
Please stop with all your “F*** KG, f*** you, as****” comments. Oh and new “kill yourself KG” comments as well.

People just saw my video, the same day of the maintenance, 3 hours interval or something, and concluded that it was caused by me even tough there was cases of corrupted data reported by users already.
The cause of this is nothing related to my videos.
I said I didn’t touch the servers, that the characters didn’t work online (including their related items like hair, clothes etc), that it was only for season pass owners (people that already bought the characters) offline, all of that is true.
Its not my fault, and its not Bandai fault, and its not Soleil Ltd fault. Those data corruption on servers happen, give them a break, and give me a break too. They will fix it when they can.

The Disclaimer about “saves are meant to be used for offline only, if you go online its your responsibility” that is on the webpage of my website, is posted on all my website pages, not just Shinobi Striker, and it is what I say to everybody, on every game when they ask about it.
Modding a game save is legal offline, if done & used for offline. Online is illegal. The disclaimer is because I’m not responsible if you get banned (because you certainly will) if you try to go online with any mods, NOT specifically Shinobi Striker. What I mean by that is: mods that are present on the save game, the game can detect them, and you will be banned, that’s all.
In other words, the statement doesn’t specifically mean “if you use Madara online you will be banned”, no, it means: if you go online with a save that was modded whatsoever you will be banned, that’s it, not because you actually USE the mods on the save online. That’s the meaning of that statement.
As a side note, yes, you could eventually wear Shikamaru’s Punk outfit that is a NWL exclusive because its an item that is not a DLC (and get banned because its a mod that made this possible), but NOT the characters like Tsunade, Madara & Obito with all their related items (hair, clothes, jutsus etc) because they do NOT work online, its not up to the user to decide, because its unreleased DLC. That’s how it works, you can NOT go online with them, they don’t work online.

I also wish to point out that the twitter post I was replying to, talking about some banned accounts, was about xenoverse 2, not shinobi striker. I never said people went online with my mods on shinobi striker.
BTW, on Xenoverse 2, my saves were for offline only, its because some stupid people went and use it online that its like that now. To the community, I’m sorry people did that, but I can’t blame or affect all the offline modders because of the stupid people that went online.

As for the fact that I’m selling editors, trainers, and save modding services. It is not illegal. This is no different that armax, codebreaker, game genie, save wizard, gameshark. The only difference is I’m not some company.
I do not mod things online, everything I do is for offline only. I try to get something good for the gamer & for me as the same time.
Like for shinobi striker, unlock all the clothes, use Itachi’s hair for male, and yes at the time, unlock characters you already bought with season pass (like Madara), to be available for you to test offline before its officially out. People just overreacted because they trusted some unfounded rumour that this is the cause of the Shinobi Strikers servers being down, and then with the Akatsuki infiltration word play, which is NOT the case.

Even though I’m not responsible for this, I proposed my help to players. People waiting for the maintenance to be over on NxB ShinobiStriker to get their paid Hokage DLC, I have let them know via twitter that if they bought them, but didn’t have the time to get them in the game, my modding service could help them unlock these to play offline in the meantime. ONLY if they bought them.

From a personal point of view, the video itself of the DLC being shown: How is that something wrong or how is that something that would generate negative things ? Showing content of this unreleased DLC can have two outcomes:
1 – It will hype the community that liked the content they saw (moves, jutsus etc..), and so they will buy the DLCs, buy the game, generate attention for the game, more players will play, more players will wait for the release of the dlc.
2 – Or they don’t like what they saw, they didn’t like the DLCs, so then they can say it before the DLC is finished, and so the devs will know about it and fix what people didn’t like about it, and you will end up with a possible better DLC at the end.
Or even BOTH, you can like the content, and make critics so the devs could make it better than it is.

Instead of blaming me people for the servers to be down, just say if you like the DLC, if you do then what do you like about it ? if you don’t, what don’t you like about it ? Some people say obito justus and secret jutus are REAL Good, if you do then say it if you don’t, they say it too, so devs can try to give the changes you want before the official release.
You are focusing your attention and directing all your hate on the fact that the servers are down and blaming me, instead of seeing that Bandai turned off the servers for our benefits, we the game users, so we wouldn’t loose our stuff and suffer save data corruptions (like some people had the misfortune of experimenting before they had a change to shut down the serve). You are also directing your hate towards me because you “think” it was because of my unreleased DLC footage, instead of understanding that its an issue with the server, and not with my mods, or any video.
If you realized that all you would be doing right now would be to wait for the servers to be fixed, be happy your data is not lost thanks to the servers being down, and enjoy the new DLC gameplays you can watch.

Now I understand this is my personal opinion, and a lot of people don’t feel like this (would they think the same if the blame of the maintenance was not falsely put on me since the start, i don’t know). But still, people might not think like this, and instead they might think that no one should post content of unreleased DLCs, and I’m ok with that opinion, its an opinion like any opinion.
As I said, I personally think that me showing DLCs and allowing mods offline will help the game with sales, and dlc sales. As it did with many games before. But if Soleil Ltd’s opinion is not this one,then I’ll obviously understand this, then they contact me and I’ll remove the contents video & mods about this unreleased DLC, as its suggested on my website since day one. That’s all.

As a side note: The early access to the Characters (Madara, Obito, Tsunade, and related items) was in no way a DLC unlocker. It was for you to test the characters you bought (because its only for people that own the season pass) earlier than the official release offline. You have to buy the DLCs to use those characters (and everything related to them like hair etc). They would be authorized online once they would be officially released. However, gue to all this drama and situation that happened, people blaming me for the maintenance of the game that took place, despite me saying Madara, Obito, Tsunade and all related items works only offline,that you could NOT go online with them, this feature will not be part of the service anymore. Everything else will be possible, but not these. You will have to wait to get what you already bought with the Season Pass once its officially released.

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One thought on “NxB Shinobi Striker Info

  1. Kg could you maybe give me some insight on how you was abel to get the time breaker mask…shouldn’t it be impossible since it’s part of that characters model


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