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Less than 2 days after the release date of WWE 2K19, I give to you the WWE 2K19 PC Trainer !
The trainer works only with: version 1.01/1.02/1.03/1.04 (Steam Version), Normal/Deluxe Edition, with and without the dlc packs installed..
There is no guarantee the tool will work with future updates of the game. But rest assured that I will still try to update the trainer to work with future versions.

This is only the first version of the trainer, although its rather complete already, I’m planning to work on many more updates in the future to add the following features just like last year:
– Selection Screen Modifiers (Renders Injector) [ALREADY AVAILABLE]
– “Offline” Logo Injector [ALREADY AVAILABLE]
– More “My Player/My Career” Mode Mods
– WWE Universe Mode Modifiers [ALREADY AVAILABLE]
– Video Story Maker Modifiers [ALREADY AVAILABLE]
– CAW Editor [Unlikely to be added]

Also, the CAW gender mods cause issues again this year, you now have to turn entrances off while using the beta fix I propose (which is not perfect)
Read the features below for more info.

Note: Once I am done implementing the features of last year, I will I accept requests for new features/mods. If you have an interesting idea, or want a mod added to the trainer then, let me know by email or in the comment section. Requests coming from customers who donated via my website link will be treated first.


  • Features

Trainer for x64bit PC:

Gender Modifiers (Works for My WWE Mode & ALL WWE Universes)
Play Divas in all matches, even against Superstars, for CAWs and Superstars.
– Changing a CAW’s gender creates an ugly glitch and messes up the CAW’s meshes. To fix it you need to revert back to his original gender. This doesn’t happen to In-game superstars or divas. UPDATE: There is a beta fix for the CAW’s glitch/clipping, its the “Gender Change Mesh Fix”.

– Changing the gender of an in-game Diva will crash the game when selecting the alternate attire of this in-game diva. There is a beta fix for this crash, its the “Diva Gender Fix (Alternate Attire Crash Fix)”.

CAW Gender Change Mesh Fix (Beta)
This is to try to fix the ugly glitch/clipping appearing on CAWs when changing genders, its in beta.
You have to turn entrances off when applying the fix.

Diva Gender Fix (Alternate Attire Crash Fix) (Beta)
This is to try to fix the crash happening when selecting the alternate attire of an in-game diva you changed to male, its in beta.

Text Modifiers
Change Name, HUD, Social Media, ect. on the fly. For CAWs.

Attributes Mods
Edit your attributes up to 255 for Superstars and CAWs.
It works for “My WWE” Mode  & WWE Universe Mode (All 3 Slots).

Health Ratio Modifiers
Edit the amount of health points attributed to each part of a CAW & Superstar Health. This gives you Infinite Health.
It works for “My WWE” Mode & WWE Universe Mode (All 3 Slots).

Ability Modifiers
Edit your abilities and get up to 10 at the same time. For Superstars & CAWs.
It works for “My WWE” Mode & WWE Universe Mode (All 3 Slots).

Unlock all NPCs
Unlock and Play with all Non Playable Characters of the game, including but not limited to: Zelina Vega, Paul Heyman, Jo Jo, Renee Young, Referee, AJ Styles Gold, Stephanie (Suit), Bobby Henan, etc.
It works for “My WWE” Mode & WWE Universe Mode (All 3 Slots).

Weight class Modifiers
Edit your weight class from featherweight to Ultra Heavyweight
Note: Ultra Heavyweight sets your attributes to 30.
It works for “My WWE” Mode & WWE Universe Mode (All 3 Slots).

Unlock Everything
Unlock all outfits, moves, characters belts, etc.
Unlock all 2K Showcase Videos/Story Missions etc. [NEW]
Unlock all MyPlayer/2K Showcase cut scenes for Create a Video Mode. [NEW]

Max Virtual Currency (VC)
Edit your VC to max so you can buy everything.

Match Modifiers
Edit all the matche’s rules. This means almost No restriction. You can create 6-Man Elimination Hell in a Cell, Ironman 6-Man Tag, etc. Use My Career Steel Cage and much more.
Note: Easy Match Modifiers has changed this year, some rules don’t overwrite existing ones. So in some instances, you can’t add elimination, or falls count anywhere etc… You will have to be clever when using this feature, sometimes editing the Custom Matches or Default Matches.
The Advanced Match Modifiers will try to fix this however and allow you more freedom, like 8-man HIAC falls count anywhere, or 2vs2vs2vs2 matches etc.

Game-save Backup (Corrupted Backup Fix)
Some people might be aware that sometimes the WWE 2K19 game recognize your game-save backup as corrupted. (By that I mean when you go in the game save folder, you copy you game-save manually to somewhere else on your PC in-case something happens or whatever, and then when you want to paste it back to the game-save folder, the game tells you its corrupted). Well the trainer fixes this issue. You need to have the game on steam.
The trainer will also do an automatic backup of your game saves each time you connect it to the game after you enable this feature.

My Player/Career Mods [NEW]
▪☞▪ Infinite VC, Infinite Style Points, Infinite Tokens and Deluxe Tokens
▪☞▪ Max your Attributes up to 255
▪☞▪ Get 100% completions for all Trees: for all Fighting styles trees, sub fighting styles trees, and overcharge tree
▪☞▪ Edit your Health Ratio beyond its limit. In other words, have close to Infinite Health.
▪☞▪ Edit your Abilities, Skills, Names, Social Media, HUD Name etc.
▪☞▪ Edit your My Player fighting style/sub fighting style as you wish. You don’t have to start over !
▪☞▪ Max Levels, Max Experience, Max Prestige.
▪☞▪ Unlock Everything: All Moves, Clothes, Abilities, Skills, All Banners, Emblems, All Entrance/Win motions/musics… ect. Unlock even items that you normally do via loot boxes!
▪☞▪ Unlock & get Infinite Booster Packs

Selection Screen Modifiers (Renders Hack) [NEW]
Apply a personal image from your computer as the picture of a CAW. It will replace the Screen/Fighting pose, or mainly known in the community by the term “Render”. This picture will be seen when at the characters selection screen when setting up a Match. It will also be used as the default picture of your CAW anywhere/anytime the game needs it (at the Pause Screen, at the final match screen pose, etc).

“Offline” Logo Injector [NEW]
Import your own pictures to be used as Logos without having to go through the Online Community Creation menu everytime. This is why “Offline” is marked with quotes, because you need to download at least one logo online. Then you can truly import offline. This is NOT possible with Face Captures, only logos.

Story Maker Modifiers (Create a Video) [NEW]
This is a feature that use the “Create a Video” mode in the game.
Once in that mode, replace arenas, superstars etc… in any scene you want.
Also, use both male and females in a scene without gender issues or glitches.

Advanced Match Modifiers
▪ ☞ Infinite Stamina, Infinite Finisher, Infinite Signature, Infinite Health
▪ ☞ Infinite Payback, Instant Payback/Blackout, Change Payback mid-match & more [NEW]
▪ ☞ Infinite Reversals (also no reversals for CPU) [NEW]
▪ ☞ Instant 3-Count
▪ ☞ Special Guest Referee
▪ ☞ Same Superstar vs Same superstar ect… (cena vs cena vs cena)
▪ ☞ Team Modifiers (1vs2vs2vs1,2vs2vs2vs2,2vs4 etc..)
▪ ☞ Modify the Royal Rumble Entrants (superstars and remaining superstars so you can have for example a 10-Man Royal Rumble)
▪ ☞ AI No Movement
▪ ☞ Starting Health Modifier (Edit each body parts)
▪ ☞ Rules Modifiers (over the top rope, first blood, tornado tag, 2 out of 3 fall, etc…)
▪ ☞ Fight in hidden arenas (Wyatt Family Compound, My Career Streets, Mutiverse etc…) [NEW]
▪ ☞ Change Superstars/Divas in Cut scenes/Gameplays such as My Career
▪ ☞ and MUCH more…

Create an Arena Modifiers (Create a Video) [NEW]
Use this feature to set hidden area in the Create a Arena mode.
For example, get the Japan Hall, BCW, or Wyatt Compound as a base around the ring and create your arena. (Some clipping/texture issues might happen)

Early DLC Characters Access [NEW]
▪☞▪ Unlock and get access to the Wooo edition superstars, the Titans Pack superstars (only for 1.02 update and above) and other pack characters earlier.

NOTE: It is not guaranteed to work for people who don’t have the deluxe edition of the game, or don’t have the dlc purchased. Its for you to test the characters, buy the deluxe edition if you like them.
It works for “My WWE” Mode & WWE Universe Mode (All 3 Slots).

WWE Universe Modifiers [NEW]
▪ ☞ Mod the shows (replace ANY title by ANY title, edit the MITB (as well as the target), the Royal Rumble winner, the total of matches per show, change the show’s arena to hidden ones like Multiverse etc…)
▪ ☞ Edit the Match Card (Participants, type of match, rules, title match, team, the winners/losers, if its finished or not, edited or not etc..)
▪ ☞ Mod the rivalries (John Cena vs John Cena, female vs male etc.., edit the intensity and duration etc…)
▪ ☞ Use the match card and rivalries to create your own scenario/cut scene (eg: start a tag match by attacking the other tag team)
▪ ☞ Mod the teams (Make a superstar be part of multiple teams)
▪ ☞ Mod all Superstar’s/CAW’s main goals
▪ ☞ Mod all Superstar’s/CAW’s status effects (duration and/or stacks for conqueror, injuries etc..)
▪☞▪ Always have 5-Stars Matches
▪☞▪ Always Max Promo Ratings


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Visit the “Download/Buy” link above and read the Terms of Sale and Terms of Use. Click “I have read the terms and I agree” to go to the shop page showing the purchase link of the software you want . Once the payment is received, you will then receive the software by email in the next 48h following the purchase.


  • Tutorial

All You need is a x64bit PC (it is needed to play the game anyway).
☞ ▪ A full Tutorial after you have bought the tool will be sent to you.

  • More about KG971
☞ ▪ Twitter
 ☞ ▪ Facebook
 ☞ ▪ Youtube
 ☞ ▪ Donation

16 thoughts on “[PC] WWE 2K19 Trainer

  1. – 10.27.18 – 1.7.0
    – More features: WWE Universe Modifiers & Fixed CAW Render/Story Maker not working for some. Unlock Everything now unlocks everything in 2K Showcase mode. It also unlocks My Career/2K Showcase Cutscenes for Create a Video.
    – Five Stars Matches/Promo always on & More


    • Love it, btw, will there be any new features in the trainer? I’ve using your trainer since WWE 2k16, and even though you had put in a lot, I still think there can be more, like: 1v1 with 3 managers each, 2 teams gauntlet, modify the champion entrance etc…

      Thank you for your works anyway 🙂


  2. Tool looks great and I will be purchasing today. Quick question/request……can you take cutscenes from MyCareer and Showcase to use in universe mode? That would add so much depth as far as story creation and control over cutscenes. Thanks and great work!


  3. STILL no CAW LAYER EDITOR since 2016? come on is this every going to be made KG? lol

    I have donated a few times a while ago for 2k16 caw editor….which is awesome…. and if this is presented in 2k19 at some point I will be donating again. thanks for your consideration! peace


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