Public Voting Poll: PS4 Save Modding Services Upgrade


I can now mod your own saves, but for that particular feature, it requires you to have copied your save from a 5.05 firmware PS4 or below.

Hello guys,

I opened already multiple save modding services on Playstation 4:

Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
NBA Live 18
WWE 2K17
WWE 2K18
– and more

What is a save modding service ?
Its just you asking for certain mods for the game, and me doing it for you. I will send you the save, and then you transfer it to your PS4.

The thing is, that at this moment, I can’t mod your save. The service is limited to me creating a fresh game save, with you telling me what you want in order for me to re-create your save the best I can, and then add mods to it, to finally send it to you.

What I want to know, is this:
If I work and find a way for me to edit YOUR own PS4 saves, would you be more interested in the service ?
Like in WWE 2K18, you would keep your CAWs, your progression etc.. I would simply add the desire mods to it. Would you buy that modding service ?
Same for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, I could now use you own save, and add the mods you want on it. You would keep your characters, progressions etc..
This would apply to ANY GAME I support.

What is your opinion on this ?
Please let me know your decision using [THIS LINK], and then comment below to explain your point of view.

Thank for reading this ! And as always, Thank you for the support !

Note: You would still need to buy Save Wizard for PS4 to resign your save back to your profile.



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