WWE 2K17 PC Trainer New Payment Option (Edit: NOW with ALL the tools)

Hello Guys,

Due to the high demand of customers and supporters, there is now an option to pay a one time flat fee to get access to the WWE 2K17 PC Trainer.

The price has been set at 25€. It is higher than last year mainly to compensate the loss if the subscription option is not selected.

You don’t want that, you still want the subscription model ?

Thank you, its perfect, you have nothing to do. You can stop reading this message.

You prefer this new option, but you already paid for the subscription model ?

Do not worry if you already bought the subscription model, you can still decide to swap to the one time fee model.

You won’t have to pay the entire price, just the difference between what you paid and new flat price: 25 EUR (the new flat price) – 5,60 EUR (the monthly fee you paid already) = 19,4 EUR.

All you have to do is cancel your subscription in your PayPal recurring payments settings (so you won’t be charged the next month), then you make a donation of 19,4 EUR using this link: **Private Link** (I sent this message to all subscribers who paid already a monthly fee, please search for the message in your inbox, or contact me Here if you don’t find it)

That’s all.

I hope this shows that I try to listen to all requests I have. My main goal is to find a win-win situation for everyone no matter what some people can think.

Best Regards,


UPDATE: The one flat fee payment method is quite popular and as a result, it will now be applied on ALL the editors/trainers/editing services I offer. You can also select the special deal to have access to ALL of the editors also for a one time flat fee.


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