[NEWs] Cheaper Purchase Formula

Hello Everyone !

I am now trying to make somehow a living out of this passion that is game hacking/editing/modding, so I can exclusively focus on making great applications for you guys on Consoles and PC.

I know this will be hard to accomplish (because of criticism, cynicism, hate as always, and what not), but I am willing to give it a try at least. And I count on your support as you did for the past years.

So I have some important news about how future purchases will be done and new things available.

¤ New Purchase Method

As I am trying to get a fixed and stable monthly revenue out of it, it means the tools will now be available at a weak cost (so more people will be able to get them), but it will be a monthly subscription.

Each of my Save Editors, Trainers, and Modding Services is now available for approximately 5 EUR a month (approximately 5 USD). You can also have access to ALL of them using a special deal of 13 EUR / month (approximately 13 USD).

UPDATE: An alternate payment option is the one time flat fee. If you prefer to pay one time only. It is higher than the monthly subscribe option cost, but much lower than a long-term subscription cost. You can also select the special deal to have access to ALL of the editors also for a one time flat fee.

What does that mean for customers who bought the tools prior to this change?

  • Well, nothing. You don’t have to worry, if you bought one of my tools before this change, then you will still have access to it without having to pay the monthly subscription.

Nothing changes for you. It only applies for your new purchases. However if you want to support me and my goal then you can still subscribe, even if it’s for one tool, or you can still make a recurring donation.

  • Note that nonetheless, the only thing is that new updates for existing tools will be only available for those paying a monthly subscription. Then again, do not worry, as I highly doubt I will update one of the existing tools, so you don’t lose anything anyway.
  • The only exception will most likely be the latest Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PC Trainer, because of the game constantly updating everytime.
    • Then again, I always said in the terms/video description and website, that there is no guarantee that this particular trainer works with future updates. So it was either I would stop working on the updates for this tool altogether, or I‘d still work on the updates so you can still use it with the current game version. Know that I am only working on updates for this game because I am launching this new subscription payment. If I didn’t launch that, then know that I wouldn’t have worked on the updates. Just so you are assured that this change to a monthly subscription has nothing to do on why you would or would not have updates for this particular trainer.

¤ You can now make your Request

You can now request a game save editor/trainer/modding service that is not available.

You can request it by clicking HERE.

After studying your request, and how much work is needed, how I get the game, adjusting your requests etc., I will then get back to you with a price (from minimum 25€ to maximum 40€). If you agree to the cost and pay the amount, you will be updated on each steps of the creation until the tool/modding service is available. It will then be available for purchase (your first monthly subscription to it will be refunded).

That is all, thanks for reading all this!

Just to let you know as soon as there is a way around editing PS4 & Xbox One game-saves or live memory, I will be sure to create tools for these platforms too when this time comes.

Thank you for all your support, I hope we have further business together so we reach this new goal.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Sincerely yours,


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