WWE 2k16 ps3 trainer

– WWE 2K17 PS3 Trainer –


  • Description

As always, following my editor for 360, here is also a PS3 Trainer for WWE 2K17.
This application allows you to connect to your PS3 using your PC, therefore allowing you to do Real Time Editing (or Real Time Modding).
This trainer works ONLY with a CFW PS3. Not retail. It works only with no title update for all versions of the game (US version, EUR version, both disk version and PSN version).

It uses the Control Console method. Credit to Enstone and Team FMT for the homebrew and dlls.
Taking from the API author, supported CFWs are:
4.21, 4.30, 4.40, 4.41, 4.46, 4.50, 4.53, 4.55, 4.60, 4.65, 4.70, 4.75, 4.76, 4.78, 4.80, 4.81 CEX and DEX are supported, but only CFWs 4.66 & 4.82 CEX are supported, not DEX.
You are buying my trainer with 100% guaranty than it works on CFW Rogero 4.55 V1.00 CEX, using CCAPI 2.80rev2.


  • Features

Trainer for CFW PS3:

Gender Modifiers – Play Divas and Created Divas in all matches, even against Superstars
Text Modifiers – for CAWs: Name, HUD, Social Media ect..
Attributes Modsup to the max class limit for Superstars and Create-a-Wrestler
Ability Modifiers – up to 7 for Superstars & CAWs
Unlock all NPCs – Lana, Paul Heyman, Lilian Garcia, Renee Young, Referee, Michael Cole, Stephanie (Suit), Bobby Henan…etc
Unlock Pre-Order Exclusives & DLCs – Goldberg, Apollo Crews, Shinsuke Nakamura, Nia Jax
Match Modifiers – no restriction, 6-Man Elimination HIAC, Ironman 6-Man Tag ect..
Show modifiers – Exibition & Universe Mode
Crowd Reaction Modifiers – Good, Bad
Weightclass Modifiers – from featherweight to Ultra Heavyweight
Unlock Everythingoutfits, moves, characters …ect
Championship Modifiersedit the champs, Turn the WWE Champ into a Tag Team champ etc…
Logos Manageraka PaintTool.pt file modifier, Import custom pictures in the game, which can be applied on CAWs, Arenas, Belts ect…
Easy & Advanced Entrance Modifierstag team entrance as a solo entrance, use only ring animation, use Game OSTs as entrance song, pyros in all stages, entrances for NPCs etc..


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  • Download


Visit the “Download/Buy” link above and read the Terms of Sale and Terms of Use. Click “I have read the terms and I agree” to go to the shop page showing the purchase link of the software you want . Once the payment is received, you will then receive the software by email in the next 48h following the purchase.


  • Tutorial

☞ ▪ PS3 Users
All You need is a PS3 with a supported CFW, and an ethernet cable/wifi to connect your PS3 to your PC.

☞ ▪ All the instructions, and a full tutorial on how to use the tool will be included in the email you receive with tool.

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