Naruto Storm 3 – HystericalGamez Theft (Version 2.0)

– Naruto Storm 3 HT – HystericalGamez Theft (Version 2.0) –

He is truly worst than I thought.

This “half-man” bought my NUNS 3 Save Editor. He then uploaded videos and shared the save files on his youtube channel, claiming HE and HIS friends hacked the game. He said he DIDN’T use my tool. He didn’t give me credit.
As it is stated in the rules, when you buy my program, you have to credit me if you make vids about it. AND you can NOT share any files modded with the editor, this is illegal distribution.
I made a video proving he actually bought my tool, and that his videos are created with my save editor. e gave me copyright strike because I had his voice in it.
I uploaded the video to daylimotion.
I just wanted to show the truth and show how much of an ungrateful “half-human” beeing he is.

☞ ▪ Original Video Link (It doesn’t work as it was removed by him, it’s just yet another proof…)

☞ ▪ You can watch it freely here:

▶ Traduction en Français
Ce con a acheté mon programme pour Storm 3. Il a mis en ligne des vids sur sa chaine, et à distribuer des fichiers, en disant que c’est lui qui les a crée.
Comme il est dit dans les conditions de vente du programme, si vous achetez et que vous mettez des vids en ligne, alors vous devez dire que c’est grace à mon programe. Vous ne pouvez pas non plus distribuer des fichiers qui ont été crées avec.
J’ai mis une video en ligne prouvant qu’il avait bien acheté mon logiciel ect… Il m’a filé un copyright strike car sa voix était dessus… J’ai donc uploadé la vid sur daylimotion, vous pouvez la regarder. Je voulais juste montrer a quel point ce con est ingrat, non reconnaissant, et malhonnete. On ne peut meme pas qualifier ce gars d’ “Homme”.

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I only have 650+ subs against thousands of him, so i know my vid will have lots of dislike.
It doesn’t matter, the truth has to be said, and those encouraging him are as pathetic as him. Description of what pathetic means is at the end of this video.

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