[PS3] Bleach – Soul Ignition [Resurreccion] Save Editor

– Bleach – Soul Ignition [Resurreccion] Save Editor –


  • Description

This is the second Save Editor available for Playstation 3. The first was my Bleach – Soul Ignition [Resurreccion] Save Editor.

This is Bleach – Soul Ignition Save Editor for PS3 ! read the info below to get the editor !

Note to those who played the game: WTF, I played this game and I was like wtf where is Renji Abarai… they made a bleach game without Renji… wtf is wrong with those devs..

This edtior works for Retail PS3 as well as CFW.
All you need to do is put your game save on a usb drive and load the save in the editor. A full tutorial will be sent to you along with the tool.


  • Features

Editor for Retail PS3:

☑ Power Up Modding (unlock all powers, Level Max & Souls amount modding)
☑ Unlock all characters
☑ Unlock all missions
☑ Unlock all story chapters
☑ Unlock all Games Modes
☑ Unlock all Collections
☑ Full Edition of all Game Modes Records
☞ ▪ Example:
Get S rank for a chapter, for a mission, for a character ect..
Edit your scores & stats for all game modes ect…


  • More Medias
[PS3] Bleach – Soul Ignition [Resurreccion] Save Editor (With Sound) Video



  • Download


Visit the “Download/Buy” link above and read the Terms of Sale and Terms of Use. Click “I have read the terms and I agree” to go to the shop page showing the purchase link of the software you want . Once the payment is received, you will then receive the software by email in the next 48h following the purchase.


  • Tutorial

☞ ▪ For Retail & Modded PS3 owners:
Both Retail PS3 owners and CFW owners can mod their own existing saves. Using a Fat-32 formated USB.

☞ ▪ A full Tutorial after you have bought the tool will be sent to you.

  • More about KG971
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 ☞ ▪ Facebook
 ☞ ▪ Youtube
 ☞ ▪ Donation

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